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Big Truck Adventures 2 Big Truck Adventures 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Fun game with fairly easy controls, and kind of addictive!

However, I felt that the sound effect of the glass was very loud compared to the roar of the engine and other sounds effects, and came out poorly. Also, I don't know if it is just me, but the restart button wouldn't work when I got game over (damn that glass).

Shape Ball Shape Ball

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Level 11 was definately a challenge, but I finished it! An interesting puzzle game, I remember doing things like this with a pen on paper!

As a suggestion though, I would say add some nice background music (something calm that can loop would be ideal), that can be turned off if people want to listen to their own.

My ball wouldn't stick when I first tried so I went back to the menu and then level select and then it worked fine... *shrugs*

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Governor of Poker Governor of Poker

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


People are complaining the game is too difficult. I admit, I went broke the first time, by going all in on a crappy hand... Second time round, was a bit more conservative, and ended up buying all of texas, and a horse! And I'm no Poker Pro.

I think people assume people fold for bluffs to readily... Turning the AI down, to dumb it up, is actually what probably made bluffing harder (not sure, but you never know)... You ever tried bluffing with a player who has never played before? They will go all in on a pair of black 7's even though there are 4 diamonds on the field...

Great game! Was smooth, good graphics, worked well and was fun!

Youdagames responds:

Remember this a bad player in poker risks too much on not that strong of a hand.
So you are right! Making the AI weaker means that you have to have the winning hand to make profit.
Also know when to bluff watch their signals
Do they raise do they check but call when you raise watch them carefully!

The BVG Collab The BVG Collab

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not a bad little collection!

Nice collection, the navigation was pretty poor though...

Oh, and: Thanks for Watching!!!

No, Thank you!

knuxrouge responds:

Haha, your welcome.

Geo Land RPG Geo Land RPG

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad!

Not a bad game, pretty easy to get the hang of... Just wanted to let you know of a serious glitch with the force points. If you start the game, and give yourself force point stats, and then quit, re-start, the force point stats that you previously applied are still there! You can effectively get inifinite force points doing this, not that it looks like it works past ten. The defence and strength clear fine, you just need to fix up the FP!

SPIRIT6666 responds:

Weird that you are the first to mention that glitch. But thanks for telling me, ill go fix it right now.

LethalRpgWar 2 LethalRpgWar 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, Levels are unbalanced though.

I liked it, quite a fun game overall, but by the time I was up to killing skeletons (difficulty 7 or something) I was at Ultimate Level, able to kill all the monsters on the quest with one hit, and able to cast the spell Ultimate, which killed absolutely anything... I went to the hardest difficulty place, and just wrecked everything in site... I think you need to slow down the leveling, so that it remains a challenge throughout the game... I also never found the use in the Bow, didn't do much damage compared to the Charge Attack or Character Special... Good game though! Just need some tweaks *thumbs up*